New to running ? My personal top 6 tips for beginners

Running isn’t for everyone, I know some people find it boring but I LOVE IT. If you are thinking of starting to get fit and want to get out running here are my top 6 tips.

1. Runners/sneakers/trainers – (whatever you want to call them) Invest in a decent pair. It is really important to get a Gait analysis done (most sports shoe shops offer this service) in order to identify your running style so you can buy the perfect pair. Since I began running I have used Brooks, Asics and Nike. Although I am a massive lover of all things Nike, I have to say Asics are my favorite due to comfort. Everyone is different though so make sure to find a runner that suits your foot.

2. Socks – You might think this sounds stupid, but the socks you wear running are extremely important. Whatever you do, DO NOT wear flimsy aul yokes from Pennys or Dunnes that cost €1 because after 20 minutes I promise you will have blisters. Buy a good pair specifically for running from sports shops like Lifestyle, Elverys or any specialist running shops. I buy a lot of my clothing from Sports Direct, they offer a great range of gear at affordable prices.

I have these exact ones and I love them
I have these exact ones and I love them

3. ClothingJust because you start running doesn’t mean you have to splash out on fancy gear. Light t-shirt and shorts and you are away with it :). As regards women, it is so important that you find the right sports bra in order to avoid any back injuries. The sports bra should fit you properly and not be too stretched out. Most sports bras need to be replaced after 72 washes, when the elasticity is lost, or if your weight changes significantly.If you are unsure of what one to get ask a sales attendant to help you thats what they are there for.


4. Hygiene – Good foot care hygiene is always important. Some runners are particularly prone to dry feet, which leads to really painful cracking feet (I know all about it). The best thing to do is use a footcream everyday after your shower. Applying moisturizer at that time will help retain some of the water from your shower. I used to be super lazy when it came to these things but it was only after a bad experience that I realised its importance. If on the other hand you suffer from sweaty feet, the socks you use are even more important. Choose light weight, breathable socks. Always make sure your runners are dry before wearing them and NEVER wear damp socks. One last thing, keep your toenails trimmed to avoid losing them!! I could post a picture but I will save you the trauma.


5. Slow and steady – We all know the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and its so true. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t run for more than 10 minutes. Take it one step at a time. Start off with a light jog (even just fast walking) and slowly build it up. DO TRY YOUR BEST to get outdoors, the treadmill is just torture for me I personally can only stay on it for 20 minutes and I get fed up. By simply getting outside and into the fresh air you have so many other distractions (you may almost even feel like you aren’t exercising !)


6. Eat healthily-This may seem like a given but trust me there are so many people out there that believe just true exercise they can lose weight. It is 70% food and 30% exercise. You will not see results unless you are incorporating a healthy diet. Often people seem to treat food as a reward (we aren’t dogs!). The most common being overeating after exercising or eating the wrong stuff i.e McDonalds,Dominos. As a result you won’t see progress, you will feel bad, binge,feel sorry for yourself and eventually give up. Nasty cycle but it happens! Treats and cheat meals are allowed of course but only once you’ve hit a certain level. Everything is hard in the beginning no matter what it is but you just have to perservere and in the end you will come out much happier and most importantly healthier.


Hope this helps 🙂



PS: Please note these are my OWN personal tips, if you have any other tips please do feel free to share.

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