My motivation

A lot of people ask me where I get my motivation from and the answer isn’t very simple. I’ve been a sporty girl since I was a teeny tot, playing Gaelic, taking part in the community games and helping daddy move cattle ( yes that is a sport and not one I enjoyed!) .

My home in Ireland is located seconds away from the club football pitch with our kitchen window conveniently positioned in such a way that you can watch a match at ease!
Gaelic has been and always will be a massive part of my family. There was never a day when I was young that I was allowed sit inside ( unless there was a storm ) without being told off why I wasn’t out running about outside!

I think since then it’s just natural for me to be active. I can’t imagine never being able to run or kick a ball, life wouldn’t be the same( deep I know !). Every time I go for a run it gives me the chance to break away from life and clear my head ( even when there’s not much in there !).  I will never forget the feeling of finishing the marathon in Edinburgh words can’t even describe my happiness and self-fulfilment. Even though that was only two years ago I feel since then I have developed an even stronger drive to complete something harder in order to feel that same self-fulfilment again.

When it comes to healthy eating it’s very simple I enjoy it. There’s nothing better (in my opinion) than a hearty nutritious meal. A lot of people think because I’m seen as being ” healthy” I don’t eat or if I do all I eat is a salad. Yes, I like salad but no it does not act as my staple diet! Variety is the spice of life.

Everyone’s motivated for different reasons and everyone has their own hobbies and interests that make them happy. Nobody should ever make you feel stupid about what you enjoy or put you down because at the end of the day it makes YOU happy.

What gives you your motivation ? Please comment and let me know.






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