Great Food UK Review – A vegetarians heaven!

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I’ve had quite the vegetarian diet the last week or so as I tried out a number of products from Great Food UK. I am a massive meat-eater, but saying that I am very open to trying new foods. I think 10 years ago, vegetarian food was very bland but now a days more and more brands are recognizing how large the market is and ensuring there are tasty alternatives.

Great Food UK are definitely one of those brands. I have honestly never enjoyed vegetarian food so much until this week. They have SO many products, so much variety, it was impossible to find one I actually didn’t like.

Here is a breakdown of the products I tried:

  • Sweet Pumpkin and Chilli Veg Cakes

The only time I ever buy a pumpkin is at Halloween and that’s to make a candle holder, not to eat it. This was my first time trying pumpkin and omg did I LOVE it. The sweetness of the pumpkin mixed with chili works so well together. I had it in a toasted ciabatta topped with lighter than light mayonnaise…BLISS!

  • Punchy Sweet Potato Pakora

I LOVE sweet potato so really there was no way I wasn’t going to like these, unless it was seasoned with some horrendous mix. These little bites contain chunky pieces of sweet potato,chickpeas and indian spices  You can eat them hot or cold but I actually loved them cold as a snack. I snack ALOT during the day and the fact that they contain chickpeas really was a plus as they contain protein and helps fill you up.

  • Mexican Sweetcorn and squash bites

Great Food have built on this low carb alternative (butternut squash) and created a seriously tasty product. These wee bites contain squash, red kidney beans, peppers and sweetcorn. I really loved the addition of the kidney beans, it’s not something you would expect but it really adds to the variety flavours. I used these as a side to a main dish but like I said before these would be great as a snack option.

  • Fragrant Spinach and Pinenut Bites

OMG these are just awesome. I could honestly just eat and eat them. I’ve had them in salads, wraps, noodles and pasta -they work with everything. Here is a picture of one of my salads, which you may have seen on my instagram. N words required.


  • Delicate Tuscan Vegetable Bites

These were quite different in terms of taste in comparison in some of the other bites. I think it was the Italian herbs as the majority of their other products are very chilli, paprikay, cuminy ! Nevertheless they are yummmmy and only 27 calories per bite! I used them in this amazing vegetable stir-fry for lunch.


  • Aromatic Moroccan Falafel

Just give me a plate of these with some humous and I’m a happy bunny. In a bun, on their own, they are are just AWESOME. I love street food but often when I go to falafel stands, the falafels are fried. These little beauties are baked and it does not affect their flavour in any shape or form. A MASSIVE thumbs up from me.

This is just a handful of the products that Great Food have to offer. Make sure to head over to their site and explore their range. ALL their products are gluten and dairy free, vegan friendly and use 100% natural ingredients (so no funny business here). Great Food products are available in both the UK and Ireland.


  • Sainsburys
  • Tesco
  • Ocado
  • Costco
  • ASDA


  • Dunnes

They will be available in more locations in Ireland soon. Keep an eye out on their website for further updates.

I really encourage you to try these products whether you are a vegetarian or not. They are super healthy alternative to the basic meals we have day in and day out.

If you do try them PLEASE let me know what you think!






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