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I’ve not done a post like this in sometime, I got a little bit carried away with recipes. However recently I’ve been to loads of food events  ( Be Fit, Body Power, BBC Good Food show to name a few..) and discovered new products that I wanted to share with you.

Cocoa Plus – New flavours


Credit @thecleaneatingguide

As you know I’m already a big fan of Cocoa Plus protein chocolate. However it gets better, they’ve just launched 3 new flavours chocolate crisp, chocolate orange crisp and chocolate mint crisp. My favourite is chocolate orange, it’s like (better) than Terry’s Chocolate Orange. If you use my code IRUNLIKEAGIRL you will get 20% off. It’s INSANE.

PS I didn’t take my own picture, because I ate them all so quick #piggy

Jim Buddy’s Protein Doughnuts

Words cannot describe my absolute satisfaction when I gorged into one of these. Jim buddy launched at Bodypower and I know it’s going to be a massive success because quite frankly they’re better ( and healthier) than any crispy creme. 97 calories, 10grams of protein…Get ON IT!


Meridian Coconut Almond Butter

A casual day just browsing in Holland and Barrett and I stumbled upon this beauty. I love almonds and I love coconut and this truly is a match made in heaven.  3 ingredients Almonds, coconut and honey. Nothing more natural than that.Try it on cinnamon raisin bagels….NOM.


Rhythm 108 – Good for you dessert bars


I never thought I would see “good for you” and “dessert” in the same sentence before.

The core ingredient of each bar are dates so it was an easy sell. They’re totally natural bars that come in 5 flavours Banana muffin, Coconut Macroon, Choco Walnut Brownie, Apple Pie and Lemon Cake. Coconut Macroon and Choco Walnut are my favourites. The macros are great too from 140- 170 calories depending on the bar you pick, gluten free, high fibre and no added sugar.You can buy them online or I got mine from the Natural Kitchen in London.

I’ve got more food discovery posts coming soon, so watch this space!

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