When you want carbs but don’t want carbs #Dilemma

Hi guys,

I didn’t realise until recently that I hadn’t done a review post in some time. I get a little carried away with recipes!

Anyways, I have found one of the best carbohydrate substitutes on the market for those of you who might be struggling to manage those cravings.

I’ve got two brands to share with you today

In one sentence, pasta/noodles with 9 calories per serving. Intrigued and wondering what on earth they’re made from? We’re on the same page then.

So these noodles are made from (EU Certified) Glucomannan which is derived rom the Asian plant, konjac. For centuries, the Japanese used konjac flour to make zero-calorie noodles.

They are

  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Fat Free
  • Sugar free
  • Vegan friendly

and obviously carb free!

When you open them they smell a bit fishy(that’s  the only way I can put it.) However don’t be put off by that, they need to be rinsed under cold water and once you’ve done that, they’re good to go. They’ve a neutral taste but they absorb any flavours that you add to it.

I’ve added them to stir fry’s and salads and I can hand on heart say I wouldn’t know the difference. They are surprisingly very filling and  from what I’ve read, I believe that is down to the Glucomannan.

These are widely  available in Holland and Barrett, go check them out.

Use the code ‘irunlikeagirl’ for 55% off. Expires 31st August

So Better Than Foods also have a similar range but I’ve only tried the Konjac Rice. It is very like the above as it also is made from Glucomannan. However it has a slightly higher calorie count, 35 calories ( 90% less calories than regular rice) but come on that’s hardly anything. There’s no need to wash it and you can add it straight to your meals. Guilt free Friday night curry… hello!

These are available in Tesco.

Use the code ‘irunlikeagirl’ for 60% off. Expires 31st August.

More reviews coming soon.




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