Semi Permanent Brows

Hi guys,

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling so refreshed after that extra hour in bed last night! I’ve been such a ninja today, cleaning, cooking, running, blogging, if only every weekend we got an extra hour (boo!).

So tonight I’m talking about my brows..why you ask… well I’ve always hated my brows because:

  • they have a mind of their own
  • the right brow grows quicker than the left
  • they’ve no shape
  • they “fall” down ALL the time regardless of the amount of vaseline or brow gel I use

Over the past few months ,I’ve been looking into getting semi-permanent brows ( micro- blading), reading up on what it involves and the results you can get. It seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment but I wasn’t interested if it was a trend or not, I just wanted nice brows.

I decided to get my done at Borciani London, a top London clinic specialising in medical and cosmetic permanent makeup. As it’s quite a specialised treatment and it involves my face, it was so important that where I went was of the highest quality. Natasha Borciani ( the owner) is an accredited member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and BABTAC and she’s just frigin awesome. An out and out professional and lovely woman.

So what does it involve…

  • Natasha uses a manual microblading tool to create individual hair strokes following the natural hair pattern of the brows so that it is almost impossible to distinguish the hair stroke from your real hair.

  • You do have an anesthetic, (it’s not a needle) a cream one.

  • Natasha then works with you to get the right shape and look by drawing on your face, creating a template so you have an idea as to what you can expect. It took us 2 rounds to get it right for me. This is the most important part, you have to be 100% happy with the template before beginning. Natasha was very patient with me!
  • She uses a pigment colour which matches your complexion (I had a cool undertone). After the first application it will appear a lot darker but you will lose that over a few weeks ( that’s when the top up session happens)
  •  She goes over the template 3 times with the blade. The first time is when you will feel the most pain but honestly it’s not that bad.  It’s like a constant scratching.  The second and third round, you don’t even feel it.
  • The whole procedure takes roughly 2 hours, that includes getting the template right, anesthetic and the actual microblading itself.
  • For the following 7 days you need to keep it clean by avoiding make up in the area and applying a healing balm 4 times a day. This is to avoid any scabs forming or infection.
  • In 4-6 weeks time you will have a control session, this is to perform any ‘tweaks’ and add colour if required.  Microblading lasts around 12-18 months depending on your skin and lifestyle.

It costs £445 which includes the consultation, the treatment and the control – follow up session.

I’m so unbelievably happy with mine, bye bye brow pencil, bye bye brow gel. The picture on the top was taken before I had the treatment done, underneath was taken today. They still need a few more days of healing but I think they look fab-u-lous.

If you’re thinking of getting this procedure done, I highly recommend Natasha. I felt totally confident in her from the very beginning, she is very passionate about what she does and wants to see you leave a happy client.

If you’ve any questions about this feel free to message me or leave a comment.








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