Pulling out of London Marathon, but what’s next?

Some of you will have noticed that I didn’t do the London Marathon. Unfortunately circumstances changed and I had to pull out. I was devastated.

The week leading up to the race was really hard to follow on Social Media in particular. I avoided looking at my Instagram all day that Sunday. Mike took me out too which helped keep my mind off it, food is the answer to every problem. As you can see, I take these things very seriously. You’re probably thinking why on earth is she upset about not running 26.2 miles! To me it was more about experiencing it. I’ve been told so many times how amazing the atmosphere is and I really felt with having that type of encouragement I could achieve a PB. However saying that I’m thrilled to see so many people achieve what they thought was the impossible and power through to the very end.

My training will not be wasted though. I’ve worked my little booty off and instead I’m travelling to the beautiful Le Mont Saint Michel at the end of May to do the Marathon du Mont Saint Michel ?#MarathonMSM. Even though I lived in France for over 2 years, I never ventured over to Normandy. I always say the best way to explore a city is to run it and I think with 26.2 miles I will be able to see A LOT!


This marathon is very famous and it’s expected to have at least 5000 runners (there is still time to sign up). It would explain why I’m finding it so difficult to get accommodation. Any Frenchies reading this and know of some hotels available, please send them my way. I don’t fancy camping before a 26.2 mile run!

You know that feeling when you see the finish line? Well apparently this is the one course in the world where you can see the finish line even before you begin. I’m kinda hoping that’s what’s gonna keep me going as well as the copious amounts of Dragibus.

While I’m there, I’m obviously going to make the most of visiting the area – that obviously means food. There’s a biscuit factory. That is all! We need our carbs after all. Unfortunately Mike has some injuries so he can’t run with me but I’m lucky to have my friend Ben join me for this amazing experience. I will be sharing lots on my Instagram stories so make sure to keep an eye out over the weekend of the 26th-28th May. Oh and wish me luck.

I’m so excited to run it and here’s to achieving a PB.

Watch this space!






2 thoughts on “Pulling out of London Marathon, but what’s next?

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. I did wonder how you had gotten on. I felt awful and gave my place up in Nov so I can only imagine how you feel given all the training and dedication you had put in! Looking forward to the 13th run in Regents Park. Cathy

    1. I’m so sorry, I only saw your comment now. I know I was devastated, all is good now though – training for end of May. I’m back on track. Look forward to seeing you on the 13th. X

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