Cloud Eggs – The New Instagram Sensation

I love eggs, they’re a solid staple in my diet.  While it’s not every day that I can have eggs for breakfast, I can almost guarantee they will feature during the weekend. The latest IG craze is cloud eggs, very similar to cloud bread, see my post here. In fact, it’s literally the same only you don’t throw away the egg yolk (the yummiest part!).  When I see a new way of cooking eggs, I have to try it. What are your favourite ways to have an egg? I love poached but I am a sucker for a standard boiled egg, runny and little soldiers for dipping purposes.

So you want to make cloud eggs? Very simple


Egg yolk and egg white ( I recommend two egg whites per egg cloud)

If you’re rubbish at cracking eggs and dividing them, I highly recommend Two Chicks products

1) Separate your egg whites from the yolk, and whip the whites until they have a thick, fluffy consistency.

2) It doesn’t need to be a plain jane. You can things like herbs, chili, bacon pieces or cheese into the egg white.

3) Pop the egg white mix onto a baking tray in small piles and bake in a pre-heated oven 180C or so for around eight minutes or until they start to brown. If you’re very hungry pop them in the grill!

4) Remove the egg whites from the oven and carefully add the yolk into the middle of each pile. Bake for further 3-4 minutes. Serve and enjoy immediately

Obviously get your all-important Instagram photo first! Let me know if you try it and tag me in your photos.






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