Body Confidence: Have you ever felt misled?

Do you follow fitness bloggers for inspiration? Do they inspire you to get in shape? Do they influence your decisions in what you eat and how you workout? If the answer is yes then keep reading.

There’s a lot of chat in the social media space at the moment about loving your body and body confidence. I for one love this and I love that we are encouraging each other, both men and women to feel confident in their own skin.

This has also led to a number of key influencers coming out and saying they weren’t happy in their skin 1 year ago to 6 months go. They did, however, lead us to believe they were.  They posted their daily workouts, food, shredded abs to act as an inspiration to all of those following them.

What’s wrong with this?

What I’m simply trying to get across, is that you can’t take for granted the influence you have. There are so many impressionable young boys and girls that will take your word as gods word. Although it’s amazing that some have found a happy place, think about the negative impact those posts 6 months ago would’ve had on a 14-year-old low self-esteem boy/girl. There’s such a surge in eating disorders in the UK at this present time. I’m not saying social media is entirely to blame but it has been proven that it is a complimentary factor.

I’m asking fitness/wellness bloggers, in particular, to think twice before posting content they know, could influence their huge followings decisions. You have made the decision to be in this space, so choose your words carefully. Finally to you, when it comes to particular diets and fitness advice, follow those who have certifications. These are the people who are educated and best placed to give you the right advice.

If you’ve any thoughts on this, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Karen x


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