London BBQ School – Reviewed

We all know it’s BBQ season right and I will be really disappointed if you haven’t already had one this year. You will also have guessed that Mike and I are kinda BBQ obsessed. Any inkling of heat and we’re pre-planning our sides, sauces and meat. It made sense as a birthday present to Mike to get him a BBQ cooking class. Obviously, he needed someone to go with…..

I was really surprised to find that there are so many in London, however, London Barbecue School stood out from its amazing reviews and the variety of classes. Mike recently went to Texas so I decided to get him the Texas BBQ Masterclass. We’re both good when it comes to cooking so I thought the masterclass would be just perfect. The chef heading up this class was a competition BBQ winner Lap Fai Lee,  he is extremely knowledgeable, having travelled and spent some time in Texas. I was trying to get his secret seasoning recipe, but I failed!

It’s worth mentioning that the school doesn’t just do Texas BBQ classes they have  other classes including…

  • Grillmaster – is ideal for beginners
  • Kamado – is for people considering buying/using a ceramic BBQ
  • Low and Slow – is all about smoke and ribs

The star of the Texan class was learning how to smoke Brisket correctly and with confidence. Saying that we also made Hot Links. For those of you who don’t know what they’re. These are smoked sausages. We learnt how to stuff ( this was quite the experience… picture below explains). It is lining I swear.

                      Stuffing sausages

We trimmed down a whole joint of Lockhart Pork Chops, made a rub and seasoned it to perfection. Finally, a BBQ wouldn’t be a BBQ without the sides. This included cornbread, literally lathered in butter ( no diet day!) and some good aul fashioned slaw. Did I mention the BBQ sauce? Yes, we made the most amazing, sweet, tangy BBQ sauce ever. Knives and forks were out and I was using my fingers to mop up every last bit of sauce.

While we ate our weight in meat, Alistair (again extremely knowledgeable), the owner of London Barbecue School, talked us through the choice of fuel and woods for smoking. I was so surprised how they can make such an impact on flavour and cooking efficiency. Obviously, some people really don’t care and will throw some coal on a BBQ and work away. BUT and it’s a big but, if you want to really get some amazing flavour, you will thank yourself and your taste buds too for investigating it further.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the class and I recommend it to anyone who is a real fan of BBQ food. It’s the ideal opportunity to ask professionals and get a hands-on experience of cooking authentic Texas BBQ food.

I would love to hear if you decide to go, make sure to book in advance as they do sell out really quickly.

Lots of love



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