The Flavour Generator

As you’ve probably noticed, last week was VERY meaty. From a Texan BBQ lesson on Sunday to a chicken wing feast on Friday, I was craving veggies. I’m generally good at baking veggie or vegan dishes but main dishes aren’t my forté.

Recently Mike and I have started using HelloFresh after signing up at Taste of London. If you’re like us, we do eat out at least once a week and depending on our work schedules we might not eat together very often. What we were finding was that our weekly shop (especially fresh produce) was going into the bin (sorry mum!). It was a waste of money and a waste of food. HelloFresh has literally saved us. All you have to do is pick dishes from a menu each week, decide how many meals you want and for how many people. Then the exact ingredients are delivered to your door. Easy peasy. It also stops me pigging out on leftovers!

Our first delivery arrived on Thursday but before choosing what we wanted, we used the Flavour Generator on the website. For example, if you fancied sweet Italian food, it might suggest something like Baked Risotto with Brazil Nut Pesto and Grilled Goat’s Cheese. How fancy does that sound? So, like I said after a meat-heavy week, Mike and I were going for something lighter. We chose Indian and something sweet and we got this – Roasted Curried Parsnips with Cumin Quinoa Pilaf and Pomegranate Seeds.

It was so easy to make and really delicious. The ingredients aren’t super fancy and all can be sourced from your local supermarket. I can’t take any credit for it because it isn’t my recipe so I really can say it was super tasty! The Flavour Generator is open to anyone so even if you don’t sign up to HelloFresh, you can get some inspiration for your next meal depending on what you fancy.

If you do, let me know, you guys know I love talking about food.

Lots of love






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