Great British 10km Run – London

Sunday 9th July came around very quickly. Since the marathon, my training has reduced substantially and I’ve probably been a little lazier than normal. Coupled with an impromptu event mid-week, which ended up being very boozy and me being very dehydrated  Safe to say, I was a tad nervous Sunday morning.

I headed to the Media Hub for 7:45 am and was greeted with an array of food and drink.  I had to control myself as I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting a stitch ( before I had even started). On the bright side,  it was there when we got back AND BACON SARNIES. Virgin Sport you did deliver!

The day was super hot as many of you already know. Generally speaking, I don’t take water onboard during a 10k but I could feel myself getting weaker at points and the aid stations were much welcomed, including those amazing mist sprays.

The course is a really nice one, you get to see Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace but what really does it, is the atmosphere. It’s relatively flat despite one or two hills which would’ve been OK on a cold today but a hot day, not so much!

I had a minor hiccup during the race, I somehow managed to press pause on my watch. When I crossed the line I wasn’t sure what my actual time was. I WAS SO IMPATIENT FOR THE RESULTS. I’ve learned my lesson though, stop fidgeting around with my watch so much.

I didn’t get sub 40 but I did get a PB, whooo. I shaved 9 seconds off my original time. This year my goal is to run a sub 40.  Hand on heart, I knew I wasn’t ready for it on Sunday but I’m always up for pushing myself and see how I perform on the day.

Having completed it and got a PB, I do have a little skip in my step. It’s given me the boost I needed to get back into training and start hitting the speed sessions like I’ve never done before. I’m looking at Oxford or San Fran. Who’s with me?

Did you run on Sunday? How did you find it? I would love to hear from you.








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