Battersea 10k – Run Through UK

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do an impromptu 10km race at Battersea Park organised by Run Through UK. They hold a number of events across the year, low-cost and really well organised.

I’ve found recently that races are getting so expensive and if you run really regularly you could end up spending hundreds of pounds. That’s before you include transport and potential over night stays.

These types of races are a great way to get your training in for longer races (for me anyway). I tend to do more long distance so this was a great race for me to up my speed. However, if you’re not serious about running and want to set yourself a goal without all the frills, I’d highly recommend looking up Run Through and see when their next event is on.

The Battersea Race was in Battersea Park and there was either a 5k or 10k option. If you weren’t feeling the 10k on the day you could’ve easily switched into the 5k. Both races were £21, so you weren’t losing out.

The 5k was two laps and the 10k four laps, which were all clearly marked out. The park still remains open to the public during the race but It didn’t affect the race. There were so many stewards, going off piste was impossible.

One of the great things about the race was the efficiency, the results were live and as soon as you finished you would know what your time was. Also, there was no faffing around with regard to pictures and all the additional costs that come with that. A photographer was on route but also at the very end snapping you crossing the line. The pictures were published on Facebook that night. The cover of this blog post is indeed one of them! #TheStruggle

It wouldn’t be a proper Saturday (especially after a race) without brunching in somewhere new. I had never been to Battersea but I had heard all about Bababoom, a Middle Eastern restaurant owned by runners. It had to be good. I went for the Ultrarunner, which was poached eggs, harissa labneh, tabbouleh, fattoush salad and za’atar dusted flatbread. It did not disappoint.

Battersea was a bit of a mission for me to get to but despite that, the race (and the food over delivered).

I’m looking forward to my next Run Through race! Here’s to smashing more PB’s.








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