Be Kind to your Disco Mind – How to sleep like a champ athlete

Fresh from her Expert Speech at this year’s Mental Wealth Festival in London, Natalie The Mind coach and Elite Sleep Therapist wanted to share her Insight and evidence-based ways to help you sleep

Most of the tired Gen Z’s who come through my clinic are anxious and desperate to get a better sleep and also help with the Anxiety around managing thoughts and emotions that are magnified in the silence of the restless night!

The first port of call is a natural evidence-based therapy using Sleep Hypnosis to help relax the body and mind. Clinical Sleep Hypnotherapy is amazingly helpful to bypass the conscious mind and really help the client first begin to believe it is actually possible.

Everyone no matter what can IMPROVE the quality of their sleep and then in time the quantity.

Sleep Science is still in its infancy but we do know that Sleep & Mental Health are linked. It is important to remember that 8 hours is a MYTH, based on a small study over 30 years ago. Our Lives and technology have raged war on our precious sleep. So Listen up and begin to pay attention to the magical properties of sleep ….

As part of an Autumn Series, I wanted to share some easy SLEEP and RELAXATION Techniques from my London Sleep Clinic with Karen and all of you.

Instead of going to war with our ‘DiscoMind’ of racing thoughts and planning. Make friends with your thoughts. Learn to observe your thoughts as JUST THOUGHTS and Choose to slow the Disco down…

As you power down in a CALM CLEAN ROOM (ideally a fresh comfy bed) start this simple mindful technique to Slow down your mind.

IMAGINE YOUR MIND LIKE A DISCO BALL ……………..spend 30 deep breaths into your core and simply notice your thoughts. Smile at your brains amazingly capacity and use this time to connect with your BREATH
IMAGINE The Glitter Disco Ball begin to spin slower clockwise ………………..3o Deep breaths

IMAGINE The Glitter Disco Ball begin to spin very slowly Anticlockwise ……30 Deep slower breaths

IMAGINE The Glitter begin to fade ……to midnight inky black

And if required REPEAT.

Neuroscience has proven this MBCT Mindful technique (Given a Mindcoach twist) will alter your stress hormones, lowering your cortisol and will with patience act as a perfect winddown and relaxation technique…
TRY IT and COMMIT TO PRACTISING this DiscoMind Sleep Unwind this week ….

It’s important to realise we are NOT Trying to clear the mind of all thoughts, just simply inviting it to slow down ….to power down.

Don’t go to WAR with your thoughts, for a lasting change I teach clients to change the relationship with sleep. To Trust that with patience and Commitment it will come…

If you are serious about your Mental Health and Wellbeing – Commit to getting help and support for your sleep.

Natalie – The Mindcoach and Clinical Hypnotherapist


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