How Happy Is Your Workplace?

Work is an integral part of life, but it needn’t be a source of anxiety, stress and ill health. As businesses we can’t thrive unless our people are healthy and happy.
The smartest businesses recognise that we need to reinvent the corporation to support the way we work now. The workplace needs to become a hub for learning, for mental and emotional well-being, and respond to the shift in needs and values of employees.
As adults we spend over half of our waking hours at work. Work doesn’t end with the eight hours in the office with over 82% of us constantly connected through smartphones, checking emails and creating a society that never switches off. Reports prove that meditation and mindfulness helps improve both mental and physical well-being.
Whether your work / life balance is wrong or feeling overwhelmed, simple mindful tools can help bring you balance when you need it most.

Having spent the last decade working in Global News & Media, I know all too well the immense pressure people can feel to meet strict deadlines; be available for bosses, clients and colleagues 24/7; and climb the professional ladder in search of that ‘ultimate job’.
The levels of stress, work and often our own minds put us under is huge.

Add on top of that a bully-boss and before you know if you’re quickly ‘losing your marbles’ with anxiety reaching a whole new level. Many people experience huge levels of career related stress and I want to teach them tools to ensure they remain on track.
One of the saddest things I’ve seen in the news recently was a story from the Teachers Union showing that the next generation – dubbed ‘Generation Stress’ – is starting to suffer from mental health problems including panic attacks, anxiety and depression from as young as four years old.
The world is evolving so quickly that our brains which have developed through many thousands of years of natural evolution are struggling to keep up as everything moves from human skill and interaction to computer interfaces and digital solutions.
So stop right here and PAUSE 

Let me introduce you to my Instant Calm Tool………………CALM BETTY from my Mind Coaching
A wide awake meditation – you can do at your desk RIGHT NOW


  • Focus on 3 THINGS you can SEE
  • Right laser focus…………………………Now bring in something on Your Left……………..Now your right vision.
  • Spend a minute concentrating on concentrating
  • Now also 3 THINGS YOU CAN HEAR paying attention to paying attention ………..then another minute passes
  • 3 THINGS YOU CAN FEEL …………………………….Your whole brain is lit up – all the senses….not ruminating in the past / future ….unplugged and in only 3 mins your Stress & Cortisol levels are lowered 🙂


LEAD THE WAY so Can you become a HAPPINESS CHAMPION at work? Start a Mindful Movement ? Start a Mental Health conversation …and stay connected with us as we spark a movement and help you to feel CalmerRama for workplace well-being and private mind-coaching – contact Natalie.

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