Training with Sam

Happy New Year!

I’m a bit late, I know, but I have a very acceptable excuse – I GOT ENGAGED! I had the best intentions of blogging at least once per week in January but I’m blaming my fiancé as we’ve had a rollercoaster 2 weeks (the best kind).

There has been a lot of late nights and alcohol consumed (no dry January in this house) but it hasn’t stopped me in my preparation for London Marathon. My first race of the year is in two weeks at the London Winter Run. Last year I started the year the same way so hopefully, this year is just as good to me.

Over the winter I changed up my training with the help of Sam Pepy to help me prepare for these tough months ahead of London Marathon. A larger focus being on my strength to support my performance – one thing I’ve never focused on.  This program (EVOLVE) was slightly different in the fact that I didn’t actually need to see Sam – it was totally virtual, requiring me to just log into my dashboard to see what I had coming up the next day.

Contrary to popular belief whilst I’m a little running machine, my skills in the gym are not anything amazing. 3 things I’ve really enjoyed about this program is that

  1. There were videos accompanying every exercise – a MUST
  2. No day was the same – and I didn’t get bored
  3. They didn’t take long to do

I had regular chats with Sam as he was very much aware of how I didn’t want my weekly km’s dropping too much and he amended my program to fit with just that.

I hope my recent antics haven’t messed my training up too much. I’m certainly feeling stronger and ready to take on some new PB’s this year. Thank you Sam!

If any of you are interested in this program – feel free to ask me questions or get in touch with Sam directly





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