Sprout Baked Eggs

IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I have consumed a lot of my festive favourites already, and this does include brussels sprouts. Some people don’t like sprouts but I believe it’s because when you were a child your mother boiled them and they had zero flavour. Well, that’s what happened to me anyway. Sorry, Mam….

Purple Poachies

Thank god vegetarians eat eggs or this week would be a struggle! It’s two days in and I’m craving some chicken thighs! The.struggle. Poached eggs look great and all when they’re accompanied with some crushed avocado and a sprinkle of chili herbs. This morning, I wanted something a little different…


Step aside “Proats”, “Protein Porridge”, Probix is where it’s all at now. I’ve got over the childhood memories and now a big fan of Weetabix again, this time with some added protein. It’s pretty much the exact same way you make Proats but I will share with you how I…