Training for a duathlon sans un vélo

The countdown really is on for this duathlon and I’m feeling the pressure mostly because we don’t actually have any bikes . It is probably the one thing you would think we would have bought in the beginning but somehow managed to put it off ( how smart ). We have just ran and then pit stopped at a gym cycled there and then ran off again. I’m not sure how effective it is but I’m hoping we will be eehhh OK. I don’t really want to buy a bike as London is dangerous to cycle and knowing me I’d end up crashing. SO what we are going to do is rent bikes for the actual race day and hope that our cycling in the gym will have some benefit and I won’t be walking like a penguin to work the next day!

At the moment I’m at home back  in Ireland for a few days and I will make use of the battered bikes that are hidden in the garage and get some training done. We certainly won’t be short of energy as my mam has literally gone to absolute town on the baking – apple tarts, rocky road, brownies, treacle bread , truffles ( NOT healthy ones) and other chocolate yumminess I have never laid eyes on but boy does it look and taste INCREDIBLE.

I do love being back at home, getting to relax, great food and having the opportunity to go for a run on the quietest roads and let my mind wander. Mike loves everything about my wee home and he especially loves when we bump into the most stereotypical old Irish farmers (who he can’t understand and they can’t understand him).

Today is our rest day and we have done a lot of travelling so I think we deserve it. Back training tomorrow early morning, those corrick hills I have missed 😉





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