WE DID IT – Official duathletes

It’s over, we did it IM SO HAPPY! It was such an amazing experience and I’m so happy we done it. First of all I want to thank everyone who donated on our just giving page to Macmillan Cancer Support. It was incredible the support we received and we raised just under £200 double what we had intended to raise. It’s so difficult these days to raise money for charity so we are genuinely so grateful for every donation made, it WILL make a difference.

Looking a lot fresher beforehand
Looking a lot fresher beforehand
Too much Haribo

If you aren’t aware we took part in the ‘Sprint’ which consisted of a 10km run followed by a 22km cycle and then a gruelling 5km run to end. As we made our way to Richmond ( at 6.30am but still only managed to get there at 8:15 – Karen and maps just don’t see eye to eye) we noticed a lot of cycling pros in all their gear and kinda felt like ‘eeek well we are certainly gonna be the odd ones out’. However that was until we saw some old boy rocking up in denim shorts and Ugg boots. Pretty safe to say we weren’t gonna be the odd ones out after all!

The first 10km was easy ( can’t believe I’m saying that – think it could of been all the adrenaline). I got a personal PB doing it in 50 mins (whooooo!). Then came the bikes. You know how I was saying I never used a road bike…  WELL note to self PRACTICE with one before attempting a race ever again. It was fine overall but my god those things go fast and I was at times scared of my life and for others incase I crashed into them and the bale of hay that was at every corner. There were two horrific hills to climb and I did not appreciate the signs that said ‘relatively steep incline ahead’… it was a VERY STEEP incline. Thank god for the kilos of Haribo I scoffed beforehand or I don’t think I would have had the energy to get up them. Once the 22km was over we headed to the transition area to leave our bikes and get back on the road running. One word TORTURE. My legs have never felt so jelly like before. The first 2km of the final 5km was so hard and I was very grateful to those lovely stewards handing out Lucozade and water. As we waddled across the 2km line our legs started to feel a lot looser and we could push on. The atmosphere was great and to see little children on the side cheering us on and holding out their hands to hit ours was so motivating. I had a quick glance at my watch coming up to the last km and we just went for it. As I crossed the finish line the same emotions from the marathon last year just came rushing back. A mixture of holy shit I can’t feel my legs and OMG WE DID IT!


I felt a tad ill afterwards and I think it was due to a Haribo overdose. Come an hour later though I was fine and my stomach was like ‘heeeyy don’t forget about me I need food please now’. Right now we have champagne chilling and I have just made a batch of Oreo truffles #bliss

Champagne and truffles
Champagne and truffles

If any of you guys are thinking about doing a Duathlon and looking for some advice please do leave a comment and I will be very happy to talk to you about it!

Duathletes 2014
Duathletes 2014

Happy Sunday Everybody!






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