D-DAY Paris Half Marathon

What a weekend, where do I start….

First of all I want to thank everyone who messaged me, commented on photos, rang me both beforehand and afterwards, I really appreciated it.

I’m over the moon that I actually got a PB. My best time before yesterday was 1:47 and to be honest I didn’t think I would beat that. To get 1:42 is just, actually, words can’t describe how happy I was and still am of course. It proves that if you put your mind to it you can achieve whatever you want. When it comes to running (as that’s what I know best), it’s 100% mind over matter. Even though my legs were starting to become jelly-like in the last km I knew I had it in me to sprint harder and faster to the finish line.


Weather-wise on the day it was baltic. Initially I REALLY REALLY regretted just wearing a vest top and shorts. Looking around me I was literally the only one. Everyone else had their Skins on or Under Armour whilst I was shivering like a dog. It was really difficult to know what to do because I had to drop off my bag first(which had all my clothes in it). Once I did that I had 40 min to spare. Obviously, I needed to go to the toilet  (that would be a major schoolboy error not to) before the race but that had a massive queue. I stood, well jogged on the spot, done star jumps, kicked my legs ( I must have looked like a right lunatic) for 35 min. I’m not joking.  The most ridiculous thing was, I was wearing gloves, honestly, god only knows what people were thinking of me. BUT when the race actually started and it came to like 10km, the sun came out and I was rather pleased when I saw lots of people scrambling trying to take off all their layers while running. So HAH in your face French girls who were laughing at me ( yes I understood absolutely everything you were saying). I think next time I will bring a top with me that I really don’t care about and throw it on the side. I don’t think I can ever deal with that type of cold again.

Despite the weather, I have to say the event itself was really well organised. It’s a great course for anyone thinking of doing a half marathon for the first time, as it’s relatively flat, just one hill near the end (that was mean). There were loads of free refreshments after including water, orange juice, tea, coffee ( totally made use of this), dried fruit, bananas, apples, sweets and cubes of sugar (that was a weird one and I didn’t have any). The only thing it missed was somewhere (warm) to sit afterwards.

Of course, we celebrated with a lovely meal in my favourite Parisian restaurant. What did I have? Steak of course. Dessert was also allowed including champagne…when in France…

I got very nostalgic while I was there, to the point that I had to go back to my old street to see my apartment. Sniff, maybe one day Mike and I will go back.


So what’s next for I Run Like A Girl? Good question, I’ve no idea. I know I need to build back my upper body strength as I lost some muscle mass while training. The joys of cardio. So for the moment, I will be taking it relatively easy enjoying less cardio and more strength training.

If you have any questions whether it’s about my training, the marathon itself, where I stayed doesn’t matter feel free to ask.








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