My intolerances and the road to recovery

Hi guys,

So as you know I took a food and drinks intolerance test by Yorktest as I’ve been suffering from digestive issues for the last 2-3 months. It was really bothering me as almost every meal I was conscious whether I was going to have a reaction. I’ve always been sensitive to cheese but not known of any other foods that could be causing these issues.

The test was really simple and quite funny ( let me explain!). You have to give a blood sample by pricking your finger. As stupid as it sounds I couldn’t do it myself ( just mentally I just could not do it) and forced Mike to do it. He didn’t want to do it as he was afraid of hurting me and it ended up being a 10 minute fiasco of ” JUST PRICK MY FINGER”. If only we got it on camera it would’ve been comical to watch.

My results arrived 10 days later and I was pretty shocked to find that I’m intolerant to cows milk amongst some other things ( milk being the most annoying). However given my sensitivity to cheese I guess it’s not too surprising.

All is not doom and gloom though because what I didn’t realise is that having an intolerance doesn’t mean it’s with you for life ( PHEWWW!). What I mean by that is now I will embark on a 3 month exclusion diet of where I totally eliminate the foods I’m intolerant to. This builds tolerance so “hopefully” by the end of October eating the food/drink identified occasionally may be tolerated, but reintroducing it in large quantities or on a very regular basis (e.g. every day) might lead to symptoms recurring. Bare in mind this is not the case for everyone and it might mean I need to exclude it for longer OR that I’ve actually an allergy not an intolerance.

While I know it’s going to be tough, I know my tummy will be thankful for it.

I must admit since receiving my results I was struggling. Like milk, those who know me very well, know how important milk is to me (Orla I’m talking to you!).However the support I’ve got from Yorktest and their nutritional team really has made a difference and I’m not worried about the 8-12 weeks ahead anymore.

If you’re like me and suffering, I highly recommend trying this route via Yorktest, it’s not expensive for the results that you get which are life changing and the support is outstanding.

Any questions at all, feel free to get in touch I will be happy to answer them




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