Getting Engaged – 4 things we did straight away

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this post, but there you go, I’m engaged and it’s bloody fantastic. I did a poll on my Instagram recently about whether you would like me to blog about my preparation. ALL the girls voted for Wedding prep and ALL the boys voted for running. What a surprise!

I will post bits and bobs that I find useful and that could potentially help any future brides to be. But I promise it won’t get ridiculous!

Nobody can, well I certainly can’t describe the feeling of getting engaged. I did not want that weekend to ever end. I didn’t want to leave the hotel. I just wanted to stay in our little bubble and that was it.


4 things we did straight after we got engaged

  1. Insure the ring

Absolutely goes without saying. I kept checking my finger to make sure it was there. I did have to get my ring resized and while it was in the jewellers, every so often I would freak thinking I had lost it!

2.  Tell your nearest and dearest FIRST

A lot of the time you find out what’s going on about other people’s lives via Social Media. Getting engaged is different. Before you tell the world, tell your friends and family first, and face time. The reactions are THE BEST.

3. Keep a memento

Whether it’s the cork from the champagne or the soap from the hotel bathroom, keep something from that special night. We have kept the fresh petals that were on the bed and pressed them for a photo frame. We always keep the tops of the champagne corks too!

4. Decide the Engagement party

YES the time to booze up with all your friends! I’m being a bit of a pain with this one but as I’m running London Marathon in April, I want to have it afterwards. The engagement has thwarted the beginning of my training A LOT. I’m not complaining as this is a once in a lifetime experience but I wanna DRAAANNK at my party and not worry about the running consequences! PS getting everyone you want there is a pain so actually having it a little later has worked in our favour.

Bring ON the Wedding dress shopping. If anyone has recommendations on where to go, designers to look at ETC ETC, PLEASE let me know. It’s kinda freaking me out already that I don’t know where to start. I have created a Pinterest board, so that’s a good start I reckon.

Please bear with me over the next few months as wedding planning and work take over my life!






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