London Winter Run 2018

So this was a race I wasn’t particularly looking forward, only for the reason that I wasn’t feeling prepared, AT ALL.  As I mentioned already, getting engaged threw my training a little out the window so I honestly didn’t know how it was going to go. I sound so over the top but given London marathon is literally just around the corner, I was freaking out and had put a lot of (undue) pressure on myself.

Anyway, the day started off pretty well (ish). It was BLOODY cold, however, I learned my lesson from the previous year. Last year I stupidly wore shorts and the lightest top ever. This time around I was fully kitted in suitable clothing and not feeling like my fingers were going to fall off.  Regardless I still did spend all my time before the start at the Nuffield tent – they had tea and it was WARM! I missed my official start but it was worth it.

I love this route so much, being able to see London when it is QUIET, is amazing. The atmosphere was incredible, so much music and bizarrely a lot of people out supporting despite the baltic weather. It really motivated me and helped push me to the end. BUT what really motivated me was when we were waiting to go, the MC asked us to raise our hands if we had been affected by cancer, the sheer amount of people that raised their hands was quite shocking. Similarly, there were people running who had recovered AND people there who were still suffering. It really puts things into perspective and I have so much respect for Cancer Research UK and all the amazing work they do. I was so proud to be there. Like many people, my family has been affected by cancer and I not only took this opportunity to run because its something I love but to remember them and support those who continue to struggle.

Thank you, Cancer Research UK and Human Race Events for getting me involved. I’m looking forward to next year already.






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