Come running in Chamonix


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Use code RUNTHEWILD45 for €45 off.  Places are limited so please book ASAP. 


What I love about running, is the sense of friendship and as I’ve got older and ran more races, I’ve made lifelong friends.

There are so many reasons why I’ve wanted to organise a trip away with a group of people who LOVE TO RUN including (but not only)…

  • They like to go running on holidays and do not frown upon it
  • They can talk about training techniques until the cows come home
  • There is no judgment when poo talk surfaces

So, I’ve got the amazing Run The Wild (a leading UK and European running holiday ) onboard who will be taking the lead on all things trail running. Let’s be honest, I would get us all lost in the Alps. There will be a yoga teacher, with the plan of having either sunrise/sunset yoga, depending on how we feel and of course all the other bits including, food, accommodation. Take a look at their website to get a feeler of what you can expect.

I’m still in the planning stage but I basically want to put the feelers out, so tell me, WHO WANTS TO RUN IN THE ALPS WITH THIS AMAZING VIEW?

If you do, I’m looking to do this in June 2019 for a weekend, Friday- Sunday. The dates are TBC, depending on interest.

If you are interested, please email me on I would love to meet more amazing runners and have an awesome time in the alps together.






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