Boston Marathon 2019

Time for a race recap of Boston Marathon 2019!

If you follow me on IG you’ll know that the last two weeks leading up to BM was not plain sailing. My IT band started to play up and was giving me a sharp pain all around my knee cap. I had INTENSE physio during this time (results below) – I do bruise like a peach!

Whilst the physio helped ease the pain in the short term, unfortunately it didn’t hold out for 26.2 miles. By mile 9 I was questioning whether I could even finish the race (knowing I hadn’t even reached half way yet). My support crew aka Mama bear, sister Marie, Mike and my cousins were scattered across the route – I do not doubt for one moment that if they weren’t there cheering me on, I would’ve stopped. Supporters DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR POWER!

Some ask why are you so disappointed, you did it! I trained incredibly hard over the last few months – I had a goal I set out for and I didn’t achieve it. I’m allowed to be disappointed. One of my best friends shared this image with me and it really hit me. Achieving goals is NEVER straight forward, there’s always bumps a long the way. This applies to everything in life, not just running!

Aside from #KneeGate It was an awesome experience and I have a 2nd major under my belt. Some takeaways from me (I reckon I’ll be back!)

  • Heartbreak hill is NOT THAT BAD. There are far harder hills a long the way
  • I appreciated the toilets beside the start
  • There are NO PACERS
  • Go to the expo on the first day – i.e not the weekend, way to crazy
  • Expect to pay a fortune for memorabilia – I did!
  • Wear old clothing/trainers/socks to the start area that you’re happy to throw away
  • Every Bostoner is very excited for you
  • People will cook BBQ’s a long the way – the smell is really not what you need
  • It isn’t the easiest for supporters to navigate from one view spot to another – they will beed to split up
  • Visit the finish line before race day – EPIC atmosphere
  • Get the organised transport – don’t attempt to get to the start yourself
  • The Wellesley girls will literally try and kiss you on route – I wasn’t quite sure how to handle this moment

I’ve had so many incredible messages of support and it really means so much to me.  THANK YOU.

I’m resting up for a couple of weeks with lots of physio and treatment (also my hen – eeek!). Hopefully I’ll be back on the road in no time and hit that goal I set out for at the beginning of the year.

If you’ve any questions about the race , feel free to comment below or message me directly.





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