Veggie Portobello Wellington

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely time whatever way you’re spending it. I’ve been eating, sleeping, eating, running, drinking, eating and running. I’m totally in my happy place. Whilst helping Mam prep for Christmas Day, I started prepping a Veggie Portobello Mushroom Wellington. However as we finished…

Sprout Baked Eggs

IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I have consumed a lot of my festive favourites already, and this does include brussels sprouts. Some people don’t like sprouts but I believe it’s because when you were a child your mother boiled them and they had zero flavour. Well, that’s what happened to me anyway. Sorry, Mam….

The Flavour Generator

As you’ve probably noticed, last week was VERY meaty. From a Texan BBQ lesson on Sunday to a chicken wing feast on Friday, I was craving veggies. I’m generally good at baking veggie or vegan dishes but main dishes aren’t my forté. Recently Mike and I have started using HelloFresh…

BBQ Chicken

It’s almost the weekend, the sun is shining and we are set for a mini heatwave. That means one thing BBQ, whoop whoop! Mike and I have had our first BBQ already this year (a few weeks back). It wasn’t even that sunny or warm, we just wanted a BBQ….

Healthy Indian Curry

Hi Everyone, So last week, I posted a picture on my Instagram of a very delicious homemade Indian curry I had for dinner. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the recipe, as Mike is the King when it comes to making curry. He has very nicely agreed ( no pressure what…